Fix your need and how much money you need per day. For example, if you want to earn Rs1,000/- per day never change your need that you fixed. Even if the creator comes and urges you that carry out the trade which benefits Rs10,000/- that day, you are not supposed to accept it and instead thank him for the information and reply you do not need the money.



Never lose your calm. If you lose your calm then you become a clown. So, never lose your calm under any circumstance


Don’t plan with a pre- notion in mind as today’s trend in the market is like this and tomorrow’s trend would be like that. This will mislead you in the wrong direction.


Off the computer, after your requirement is completed. Never enter another trade out of excitement.


Don’t worry about the market hitting a high or low also and especially never panic.



Don’t analyse after-market hours about the increase and decrease of value, specifically do not compare with external news.


Don’t trade with any external news and internal news. Especially in comparison with other countries’ market news.


Never take the high exposure/limit that each company provides you and also be mindful of the capital you possess. Do not use the entire capital in hand.


Exposure is one of the hidden enemies occupying your whole capital. Many traders do not accept this fact as they have a notion that, a company that provides a part of the exposure is a good company in general. The hidden truth is it would definitely affect your capital even before you realize it.  If you are eligible to take exposure 10 times in the stock market and in commodity 5 times, never take exposure if your capital is lesser.


Never expect more than your goal If your expectation increases beyond your goal set, then the chances are higher that you lose your capital.


Don’t interact much with people who have a negative sense of the stock market and commodity market which will disturb your mind.


The market has unlimited scope. But you need to train your mind to set limited goals.


Don’t enter while crossing high or low. It’s always essential to avoid emotional entry


If you choose a script, expect that particular script target only. Don’t cut the position without hitting the target and never trade another script.


If you can sense the real market, then the market will sense you and give you what you expect.


Increase your economic growth and enjoy complete financial freedom in all your lifestyle aspects.


As per No Entry Financial Solutions, those who do not follow the above rules provided or act against the rules, are most likely to lose their capital and become a failure in the stock market.