Fix your need that how much money you need per day. Example if you want to earn Rs. 1,000/- per day never change your need that what you fix. Even if your wished God come and said you that do this trade you will get Rs. 10,000/- today. You never accept it and you must wish and tell him that. Thank you for your information I need not that money.


Never lose your calm. Because if you lose your calm then you become fool. So, never lose your calm at any circumstance.


Don’t do preplan like today market like this and tomorrow market like that. Don’t get any preplan before you trade.


Off the computer after your requirement completed. Never entry another trade.


Don’t worrying about going market high or low also never get panic.


Don’t analysis after market that why increasing and why decreasing and don’t analysis external news.


Don’t trade with any external news and internal news. Especially other country market news.


Never take high exposure each company provide you exposure / limit that what and how much your capital you have and you will never use it.


Exposure is the one of the hidden enemy of occupy your whole capital many of trader will not accept it. Because their part of exposure giving company is a good company such a illusion they have. But exposure surely affect your capital without your knowledge. If stock market they eligible to take exposure in 10 times if commodity 5 times. Never take exposure if your capital lesser.


Never expect after your expectation if supposed if you expect greater than your expectation surely it will affect your capital.


Don’t talk people those who have negative sense of stock market and commodity market.


Market have unlimited. But you deserve your mind to take limited


Don’t entry while crossing high or low avoid emotional entry.


If you choose a script expect that particular script target only. Don’t cut the position without hitting target and never trade another script.


If you know the real market sense then market will sense you will give you whatever you want and pleasure with you.


Increase your economy growth and become complete full financial freedom from all your life style aspects.


As per No entry Financial Solutions if people Who does not Follow the above rules or act against the rules. They will Become LOSS Their CAPITAL