I am resilient and patient by nature. I can withstand pressure and remain calm in stressful and challenging situations. The stock market is a rewarding platform.

Taking calculative risks is the primary factor. My investment is one lakh and I would like to take a risk of Rs. 20,000/- And the risk amount does not affect my family circumstances and my present lifestyle, so I am willing to take risks.

I am a quick learner. If I come across a few initial failures and losses that occur during trading, I will not panic, but rather understand the mistakes and learn the strategy to improvise by trading.

When there is a discussion on the richest man in the world, it often leads to money-making by Bill Gates. The world’s number one investor, a trader in the stock market is often left out. He is none other than Warren Buffett.  His success story and strategic planning are proof of one’s excellence in this field of the Stock Market.

There are Unlimited growth opportunities in the Stock and Commodity Market. Step by step toward financial goals would be the right methodology in trading. When you expect an earning of Rs.1000/- day, then your capital investment should be Rs.25,000/- Never change the expectation for a few months till you reach a stable consistent earning. Learn the fundamental and technical aspects of trading during this time frame.  Being a disciplined trader is of utmost priority.

There is always an opinion given by various stock market professionals which is most likely to be according to their mindset. It need not be necessarily positive always. It depends on their limited access to market information, trading techniques, forecasts, emotional instability, indiscipline, inadequate technical exposure, or many other psychological factors. Optimism is equally important as an investment.


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