I am agitated over several factors surrounding me.  I have Zero tolerance when I face challenging situations and circumstances leading to them. My capability to withstand pressure during market volatility is doubtful. The stock market is not in your favor.

Trading is gambling. Should I enter this playground or not? Will I get hurt in the matches I play?  I have heard the majority of market players do not make a profit out of this investment. What will happen during the highs and lows of the market?  It’s not advisable to enter the market with this mindset as you haven’t either understood or prepared.

If my Capital investment is 1 Lakh, will the amount invested get multiplied double or triple the times and within a stipulated short time span?  Will the investment fetch profit at all times and will the capital 10% be let down on any occasion? What is the guarantee and sum of profit assured?  These are the negative forces that drive the mind crazy and the influence of negative people. Research of the stock market alone can give clarity.

Right from television to movies, the media depicts the wrong notion that profit is possible only based on market fluctuation and volatility and when the market levels are low, there is less or literally no scope to profit. This is absolutely wrong. The equation of profit and loss can be understood only through education and experience in the Stock market by a technically qualified market analyst. If you are dragged into such notions then this is not a place for you.

Investment does not matter. I am ready to shell out excess money. If some company can take care of my investments with assured returns in a fixed percentage on a monthly basis without my interference, then again you are in the wrong trap. The market does not work or imply any such guarantee. It is important that you are in safe hands always.




Successful people do not compare their capabilities with others. They know their strategies will work out if they focus on the market instead of comparison with others. Ordinary minds do exactly the opposite. They compare themselves with others and lose their confidence when they meet with a failure. This mindset is against the market as well.


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